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10 Countries That Are Most Likely Safe From Foreign Invasion




#7. Japan

Japan keeps 250,000 active personnel and 42,000 reserves. The country has 777 tanks, 839 artillery, 289 air fighters and 741 helicopters. They have a naval strength of 131 with their 17 submarines and 3 carriers.

Source: Army

Being an island nation gives Japan remarkable defenses. Not only that, the country has a large army size and not to mention – they are powerful in terms of economy. Japan’s air force is the fifth largest in the world and is also considered the most sophisticated.

#6. Iran

Iran has 545,000 active personnel and 1,800,000 reserves. It boasts of 1,658 tanks and 2,400 artillery, 137 air fighters and 140 helicopters. It has 33 submarines and a naval strength of 398.

Iran has the largest army in the Middle East and the number already speaks for itself.

#5. Canada

Canada boasts of 95,000 active personnel and 51,000 reserve units. The country has 181 tanks and 161 artillery, 64 air fighters and 175 helicopters. It has a naval strength of 63 and has 4 submarines.

It is the world’s second largest country when talking about surface area, and that makes Canada difficult to invade. Canada also has another means of defense: its friendly nature that gives no reason for other nations to attack them.

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