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News Presenter Forgets She’s Sitting At A Glass Desk, Accidentally Flashes Her Underwear

Her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction made headlines!

Anything goes when it comes to live TV and so there’s always a possibility for unexpected mistakes – such as in this viral video below. A gorgeous Italian journalist recently experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a live news broadcast when she forgot that she was sitting at a glass desk.

Costanza Calabrese, 38, was delivering the late night news for Italian channel TG 5.

Source: YouTube

She was merely doing her job, seriously and professionally. Unfortunately, she got a little too comfortable and forgot she was sitting at a glass desk when the camera later panned out.

This eventually led to an unintended indecent exposure on her end.

Source: YouTube

Much to the surprise of the news viewers, of course!

The video eventually went viral on social media and has since been uploaded multiple times on YouTube.

You can watch the video here:

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The clip also gained a lot of mixed reactions from netizens everywhere.

For example, one commenter said:

“Poor woman! Surely her producers should have let her know something was up!”

Another wrote:

“How was her dress so high in the first place?”

Also, there are those who say it’s all intentional and merely a “clever ratings ploy.”

Well what do you guys think about it? Do you believe it’s an accident or not? Feel free to hit the comment section!


Two Sisters Receive Teddy Bears With Voice Recording Of Their Late Grandfather

This short video went viral recently. It’s very heartbreaking!

This short video which has recently been posted online by a Twitter user who goes by the handle “jenn” has quickly achieved viral fame because of its sad, heartbreaking content. Numerous netizens across the world wept as they watched these two girls opened their Christmas presents and found an unexpected surprise.

According to jenn, the girls, her sisters, received teddy bears as gifts from their aunt.

Source: Twitter
What made the toys special, however, was they each had the voice recording of their late grandfather.


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Pervert Accidentally Films Himself While Installing Secret Camera In Ladies Room

In case you’re wondering, yes – the cops are now looking for this guy.

Well it looks like this cat has just been caught in his own mousetrap. According to reports, Russian authorities have already launched a manhunt for a pervert who accidentally filmed himself while installing a spy camera in a ladies room.

Shared online by an anonymous netizen, the video below shows us a middle-aged, eyeglass-wearing man – whose exact identity has yet to be verified – setting up a hidden camera in the toilet. He was checking the angle and unknowingly filmed himself in the process.

The video's uploader warned the public by writing “Anyone can become a victim of this pervert.”


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15 of the Most Inappropriate Selfies Ever Taken

Because its absolutely crucial to post everything on social media, right?

Personally, I don’t have anything against selfies as long as they’re not done too excessively and they’re done with some common sense. For example, I recently unfollowed several people on Facebook who’s been posting a minimum of, believe it or not, three albums of selfies every single freaking day.

How could some people be too full of themselves, right? It’s downright annoying!

Now what’s even more disappointing is that how others can be extremely insensitive about where and when they take their personal photos. ...

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