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Woman Strips Off Underwear and Wears It As Face Mask After She Was Refused Service




  • A woman at a Kiev, Ukraine post office recently gained viral fame after she was spotted removing her underwear and then using it as a face mask.
  • According to reports, the female customer (whose identity was kept confidential,) was declined service by the workers because she wasn’t wearing any face covering.

A strange security footage recently went viral in Kiev, Ukraine after it showed a woman taking her underwear off and then wearing it as a face mask. Apparently, she was told by one of the post office workers that they wouldn’t serve her unless she has her own face covering.

According to authorities, locals are required to wear masks in the country whenever they are in public places as a preventive measure against coronavirus. People are likewise asked to carry their IDs.

No face mask? No problem!

In the viral video, the woman clearly didn’t have any mask when she approached the counter. She immediately came up with her own solution when she was declined service.

Much to their surprise, she just proceeded to strip her knickers off in front of everyone and then placed it on her face as a makeshift respirator.

You can watch the video here:

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It’s hilarious and some who have seen the video are evidently grossed out by the idea.

One netizen commented:

“I hope those were clean undies.”

Another wrote:

“The lockdown is causing a lot of weird things already.”

However, someone also pointed out:

“Well, she found a way around it. No-one has banned the use of panties instead of a mask yet.”

Meanwhile, the Nova Posha post office has confirmed reports about the incident and have added that one of their employees posted the video online, and is now facing punishment for sharing company information with the public.

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