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Would You Buy One of These Denim Panties For £235 Each?





As if we haven’t seen enough disaster fashion ideas on the internet already, one brand just came up with a product that’s just seriously hurting our eyes. Apparently, a pair of denim underwear are now being sold in the market and the price tag is simply unbelievable.

Yes, folks, you read that right. This new product is basically a denim panty and it’s priced really expensive for reasons we cannot comprehend.

According to a Unilad report, the product has been created by the Y Project, a Paris-based label. Canadian online retailer SSENSE posted a photo of it on their Instagram page and then it just went viral from there.

The post’s caption said:

“Two words: denim undies.”

Looking at the comment section, however, one of the first one’s you’ll read is from a user who responded:

“Two words: f*ck no.”

Now the biggest surprise is that the denim knickers are worth £235 (around US$ 309) and we don’t know who’s crazy enough to make a purchase. Like who in their right minds would wear these, right?

Or as one netizen put it:

“I’ll tell you how I feel. Utterly and thoroughly chaffed.”

Another also asked:

“To what occasion can you actually wear denim panties?”

As for those who think Y Project is just messing around with the public, sadly, the answer is no. They’re very serious about their new product. In fact, “janties,” as it has eventually been dubbed, has already been showcased at the Spring Summer 2019 show during the Paris Fashion Week.

Well just in case you are still curious, you can check out the official Y Project website for additional details about this bizarre fashion item. As for the rest of us, it’s safe to say most of us aren’t really interested and we’ll still be sticking to our traditional underwear.

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