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College Student Wins Award For Filthiest Apartment

Uh… Congratulations?


Let’s face it: a lot of teens are looking forward to going to college because it means freedom and being away from the watchful eyes of the parents. Going to college gives most people their first taste of living alone.

Most people are familiar with the state of college dorms and know that they are breeding ground of new strains of illnesses. College apartments are usually filthy and in state of chaos.

Meet college student Brittani Cooper and her not-so-clean apartment.

19-year-old real estate student Brittani Cooper won the award for the filthiest college apartment. She will make you feel neat and tidy as her place looks totally in need of professional cleaners’ help.

Brittani’s dad urged her to enter a competition put on by for the messiest student lodging in Britain. Her father saw the state of her flat and is confident that she will easily win the contest.

This is just the hub. The stove that have not seen a cleaner for quite a long time.

Britanni went ahead and submitted photos of her place. The competition received 982 entries and she bested them all.

Now, we understand the disappointment and frustration of Brittani’s father when he saw his daughter’s place.

There is probably no clean pot or plate that can be used.

Brittani has not taken the trash out for quite sometime as piles of rubbish littered her flat.

A college party probably happened here.

In case you’re wondering, yes, cleaning is popular in Britain. The country has a lot of TV shows centered on tidying up like ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’ and ‘How Clean Is Your House?’

We are unsure whether Brittani should feel honored with the award that she got. However, we hope it will motivate her to clean her place up once in a while.

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