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Britain ‘No Longer In A Pandemic,’ New Research Claims




  • Britain has “moved from a pandemic to an endemic situation,” according to experts.
  • The data has been gathered by the national COVID Infection Survey which claims infection rates have decreased to 90%.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson, however, emphasized that the country needs to “stick to our cautious approach.”

Thanks to its aggressive vaccination efforts, Britain is now out of the pandemic situation. According to data gathered by the University of Oxford and the Office of National Statistics’ national COVID Infection Survey, coronavirus infection rates in the country have been cut by up to 90%.

In a study, researchers said that administering a single dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca has resulted to a 2/3 drop of coronavirus cases.

Furthermore, they pointed out that a first dose is at least 74% effective against symptomatic infection. Two doses, on the other hand, caused a 90% decrease in symptomatic cases and a 70% decrease in overall cases.

Professor Tim Spector, who led the study, shared:

“Rates are down 28% again this week and hopefully we’ll drop below the milestone of 1,000 cases in the next few days towards our record low last year in August. The ONS survey is also now showing downward trends.”

Oxford professor of medical statistics and epidemiology Sarah Walker, who also worked on the study, added that she thinks Britain has already “moved from a pandemic to an endemic situation.”

As she explained it:

“Long-term lockdown isn’t a viable solution so vaccines are clearly going to be the only way that we are going to have a chance to control this.”

Others, however, remain skeptical about the bold claim.

“The vaccine is really good in bringing down the virus, but I wouldn’t say we’re out of [a pandemic] yet,” Dr Amir Khan told Good Morning Britain.

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that as the number of infections continue to drop, the country will continue to practice caution.

“We’re getting through this. There’s no question that things are better than they were,” Johnson said. “There’s no question that we’re starting to get the pandemic really well under control at the moment, but we’ve got to stick to our cautious approach and go through the steps of the roadmap.”

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