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Homeless College Professors Won’t Stop Teaching Despite Low Wages





We are aware of the hardships of college professors (and teachers, in general). We know that it is hard to put a price on their passion in teaching and the love they have for their students.

Two college professors are so passionate about their job that they wouldn’t quit their jobs despite the low wages and the fact that they are homeless. Yes, there are cases that some teachers have no home, which means that their job cannot provide them enough money that they need.

These two professors are determined to keep teaching – despite the low salary and despite being homeless.

Ellen James-Penney is an English professor. She works at San Jose State University in California, but after her day, she heads to her car – where she lives. Her teaching job only pays her $25,000 per year and, therefore, she can’t afford a home. Despite that obstacle, Ellen grades papers in the back of her car with a light strapped to her head.

English professor Ellen James-Penney lives in her car because of her low pay.

Ellen told Inside Edition:

“You don’t know how I feel, sitting in the back of a car with a headlamp on, grading papers.”

Ellen is not alone in this rare situation. There are a number of teachers living in poverty with barely enough to get by everyday.

All for the love of teaching!

Michelle Mitchell is an adjunct professor of religion at Florida’s Broward College, has two master’s degrees, but just like Ellen, she lives in her car parked in a Walmart parking lot. She keeps her belongings in her trunk and uses the school’s bathroom to take a shower. She eats in the school cafeteria heating up her meals in a microwave.

We admire these two educators for their passion in teaching. Clearly, their dedication and sacrifices are totally praiseworthy!

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