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Amazing Kid Launches His Own Business At Age Six




  • 6-year-old Alfie Bradley may be the youngest entrepreneur in Britain.
  • He has set up his own grass cutting service business during the lockdown.
  • He charges 10 pounds per service and he aims to become a millionaire someday.

Dubbed as Britain’s youngest entrepreneur, 6-year-old boy Alfie Bradley recently made headlines after capturing attention and gaining admiration from netizens everywhere. In his young age, the impressive little kid has already launched his very own business.

According to reports, Alfred’s Grass Cutting Services was established during the lockdown. Whenever he earns cash from his hard work, he saves and then uses it to grow his business further. In fact, he already bought a better lawn mower, a trimmer, and a pressure washer. Plus he got his customized uniform as well.

Already an entrepreneur at age 6!

Hailing from Redruth, Cornwall, Alfie gets a bit of help from his father, 45-year-old Anthony. His family, however,clarifies that the boy does all the work on his own – and putting up the business was entirely his brainchild.

In a LadBible feature, Amy, his proud mother, shared:

“There’s no stopping him. He’s like a mini Richard Branson. He’s always on his feet doing something so lockdown really restricted him from doing things outside of our home.

“Then he figured out a way of keeping moving as well as helping other people.”

The news about Alfie’s business quickly spread in the neighborhood and he has since received repeat customers. He also maintains a Facebook page where interested clients can contact him.

“He charges £10 but if someone is elderly or an NHS worker he does it a bit cheaper,” remarked Amy.

“I want to be a millionaire,” said Alfie.

Apparently, the business-minded lad has been diagnosed with speech disorder when he was 4 years old.

According to Amy, her son has often been “very behind” when it comes to school performance but he has always been “so hands on and determined.”

In addition to grass cutting, Alfie has since expanded his services by offering window cleaning .

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