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This Girl Poured Two Bottles of Coke Over Her Hair As A Beauty Rinse. The Result? Unexpected!





Life hacks are the best as it make us get away with typically difficult tasks in amazingly easy steps. The internet is filled with video tutorials and blog posts to help make life much easier. From getting rid of pesky mosquitoes using household stuff to escaping ironing clothes through the use of ice cubes, you name it, there is (most probably) a life hack for it.

However, we never thought that Coke – yes, the most popular brand of soft drinks in the world – can be used as a hair product. In this video we found, a girl tries out the so-called “Coke Hair Rinse” on herself to achieve that bouncy, wavy hair.

First, she showed off her naturally straight thick hair for comparison. Next, she bowed down and placed her hair in a bowl. Then, the main event followed: she poured two bottles of Coke in her hair and soaked it well. She then rinsed and blow dried her hair, revealing an apparent change in her locks.

Watch the video here to view the result:

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Oh the things girls do to achieve that perfect beach curls! Would you try this hack? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: Ellko


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