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Funny Mom Uses “Are You Kidding Me” Meme To Make Her Kids Pick Up Their Mess




  • A hilarious post from a mom recently went viral on the Mum Junkie Facebook page.
  • The said mom used a meme to remind her children about picking their stuff up.
  • Now other parents are sharing tricks they use to get their children clean their own mess.

Parenting can be challenging. Case in point, it can be really difficult to get our children do their chores that it sometimes feels like it’sjust easier to scold them.

One mother, however, got a little creative and used a meme so she wouldn’t have to pick up their mess all the time. As can be seen in the photos below, this funny mom placed pictures of the “Are You Kidding Me” meme beside a pair of sock, a toothbrush, a candy wrapper, and everything else that they’ve left behind.

The hilarious post later attracted a lot of attention online after it was shared by the Mum Junkie Facebook page. And judging from the comments section, it looks like the trick has not only made fellow parents laugh – some of them have even shared their own parenting tips and tricks.

Go check out the post below and see for yourself:

As earlier mentioned, several parents have expressed amusement about the viral post, with some also taking time to share their parenting hacks of their own.

Meanwhie, in an interview, Vicki Broadent, Honest Mum blog founder and Mumboss: The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work, shared that the viral mom’s meme idea is indeed more effective than simply getting mad.

“It can make children sit up and take note,” she said.

“I think the ideal scenario here would be for her to follow up with a discussion with her children when she feels calmer so she can articulate what drove her to create the [prints] and express how she’s feeling,” added Vicki. “Otherwise, they’re penalized with, say, reduced tech or play time so they can cement a routine.”

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