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Instead of Scissors, Badass HairStylist Uses Katana to Cut His Customers’ Hair





Getting a haircut doesn’t typically include the possibility of having your head chopped off, but we imagine that fear is always imminent for the people who get their hair styled by Vietnamese hairstylist Nguyen Hoang Hung.

Instead of using the traditional sharpened scissors most hairstylists use, Hung’s tool of choice is a lethal weapon – the Japanese samurai sword. Yes, a sword. He says the light touch he uses allows him to create a feathered, layered look that is otherwise impossible to achieve.

Hung was part of a game show several years ago, where he was required to use unconventional techniques to cut hair. He once had to cut hair with a chainsaw… what the?! So, once the show was over he attempted to cut hair using a katana. He now uses a Wakizashi, a razor-sharp Samurai sword which is typically used to fighting in close quarters. And after he mastered this technique, he took to the salons and hasn’t gone back to typical scissors yet!

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