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25 Superhero Watercolor Paintings That Will Blow You Away





We here at EliteReaders love showcasing the works of fantastic artists – regardless of their chosen medium.

If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably seen that story about awesome street artists who were asked to create any artwork on a museum’s walls. Recently, we’ve also featured James Doran-Webb‘s unique driftwood animal sculptures, Stefan Kuhnigk‘s monstrous creations using random coffee stain, and Laura Jenkinson‘s quirky cartoon-inspired makeup art.

For this blog entry, allow us to introduce you to the wonderful watercolor works of Clementine Campardou.

Clementine is actually a French artist and designer who currently resides at Sydney, Australia.

A couple of years ago, she motivated herself to paint at least one artwork each day and share it online. She took the challenge seriously and so far, she has produced over 500 pieces by using her trusty watercolor.

Why watercolor? Well, according to her:

“I work mostly with watercolor, I need it to be fast and I like the spontaneity of it.”

As you will see below, the artist has a huge love for superheroes. She has taken inspiration from most of these heroic characters since she was young. Her watercolor arts simply look stunning and classy. It’s amazing how she uses minimal splashy strokes and still distinctly capture the essence of the characters.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of her illustrations:

1. Batman


Photo credit: Clementine Campardou
2. Thor


Photo credit: Clementine Campardou
3. Hulk


Photo credit: Clementine Campardou
4. Captain America


Photo credit: Clementine Campardou
5. Catwoman


Photo credit: Clementine Campardou
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