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Brilliant Artist Uses Driftwood for His Stunning Sculptures!





Sculpting requires more than just artistry; it requires a lot of patience. Regardless of the medium that the artist wants to use and the size of the project, an artwork may take hours, days or weeks to finish. I think it’s difficult to create a beautiful and realistic sculpture, especially if you’re using wood or any hard material.

That is why I was amazed when I saw James Doran-Webb‘s artwork. This British artist has always loved working with wood until he began experimenting with driftwood in early 2000. He now resides and works in Cebu, Philippines, and continues to assemble the most intricate and amazingly beautiful pieces using the driftwood he collects from the island’s beautiful beaches.

The animal sculptures he created was so fascinating.


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb
The natural texture of driftwood makes the animals appear as if they are gracefully moving.


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb

The process of creating sculptures like these can be arduous. First, Webb sketches an idea he has in mind and then he and his studio assistants would create a steel frame for the piece. Afterwards, the best pieces of driftwood are attached to the frame using bolts or screws.

To add more life and texture to his projects, he adds a second layer of driftwood on the animals’ bodies using smaller pieces.

Like this wyvern, the sizes of some of his creations are enormous.


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb
While some of his artworks are small enough and can be displayed indoors.


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb
James Doran-Webb’s spacious studio.


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb
His sculptures are now being exhibited around the world.


Photo credit: James Doran-Webb
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