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This Museum Invited Street Artists To Create Art On Their Wall. The Results Are Mind-Blowing!





Although street artists have achieved praise and appreciation for their unique brand of art, some “high art” practitioners and critics still frown upon this modern trend. It’s a stigma that many street artists still have to deal with, even nowadays. Despite that fact, these street warriors push on with their craft and continue creating their masterpieces.

That’s why it’s always awesome when these revolutionary artists get the exposure they rightfully deserve.

Last June 26th of this year, the Long Beach Museum of Art opened their doors to popular street artists. They asked the group to exhibit their artistry using a canvas familiar to them – the walls of the museum. And these artists happily obliged!

The theme for the project is called “Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape” and what’s great about it is that there were no limitations as to what tools the artists were allowed to use. Ron Nelson, executive director of the museum, said that “Most of the works in this exhibition will be created on our gallery walls using both traditional and non-traditional media.”

The downside here, however, is that the artworks will be taken down soon. According to Nelson, “Once the exhibition ends, the walls will be repainted and prepared for the next exhibition. Therefore, it is important for art enthusiast to see this amazing exhibition before it closes.”

The museum is inviting the public to see this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit experience and so if you are somewhere near the area, you should definitely go. This unique exhibit is open to the public until September 27, 2015.

In the meanwhile, those who can’t make the trip can instead take a look at the fantastic pieces here, along with the names of the artists:

#1. Audrey Kawasaki


Photo credit:
#2. James Bullough


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#3. Esao Andrews


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#4. Alex Yanes


Photo credit:
#5. Brendan Moore


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