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Party Like a Boss! This Champagne Gun Has Just Taken Partying To A Whole New Level!





Partying has just been taken to a whole new different level. Gone are the days where people painstakingly try to pop that cork off the bottle to create that perfect spray of delectable champagne – all thanks to the Champagne Gun, a fancy French invention that allows people to shoot sprays of champagne with style.

The brainchild of French company Extra-night, the $459-worth device was introduced to the citizens of Miami earlier this year, and since then, the champagne guns have been selling like hotcakes. In fact, the first shipment containing about 300-400 guns have almost been sold out. According to Miami-based businessman Jeremy Touitou, the man behind the ingenious idea of bringing the guns to USA soil, said, “Because it’s Miami Music Week, we have all the rappers and musicians having their managers try and get the Champagne Gun to use in their next video or whatever. It’s been crazy so far.”

Using the Champagne Gun, you can shoot sprays of champagne up to a distance of about 23 feet.

Using the Champagne Gun, you can shoot sprays of champagne up to a distance of about 23 feet.

So how do you use the gun?

It’s relatively easy. Just attach a bottle of champagne to the holder, shake it a couple of times, and voila! You’re ready to spray champagne up to a distance of about 23 feet. And in case you don’t want to waste resources, the gun also has a second nozzle that allows one to pour champagne instead of spraying it. Pretty handy, huh?

The Champagne Gun has a uniquely flamboyant and efficient design.


Touitou reveals that the Champagne Gun has received purely positive feedbacks and he has yet to hear any negative comments.

“First of all, it’s a beautiful product – for me, I’d call it a piece of art,” he said. “It comes in three different colors and could be just a nice display for a bottle of Champagne. Each gun comes with two nozzles, so you can just use the Champagne Gun to pour champagne in a unique and original way for your guests and clients if you wanted. You can use it as a centrepiece for a bar. Of course, all the big pool parties in Miami and Las Vegas do Champagne showers and the Champagne Gun is a great tool for doing that in style.”

“Not only have we not gotten any negative responses from the Champagne world, [we’ve even had] some Champagne houses approaching us to become a distributor,” he added.

Depending on your mood, you can spray or pour champagne.


You can also use the ornate gun as decorations.


Learn more about the Champagne Gun:

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Well, if you’re interested in throwing a party and spraying champagne with style, for that matter, you can order your own champagne gun here.

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