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Night Life is Very Much Alive in Wuhan, The Former Epicenter of the Virus




  • Life is back to normal in the capital city of Hubei Province, with many spotted not wearing masks or observing social distancing measures.
  • In a report, youngsters are seen enjoying nightlife in Wuhan.

With the continuous increase of infections and deaths, it seems the battle with Covid-19 is still far from over for different countries. What’s the availability of vaccines has given people a new hope, experts have repeatedly emphasized that it may take time before lives could return back to normal.

Surprisingly, it’s a different story in Wuhan. Known as the former epicenter of the coronavirus, youngsters are now gathering and partying in the port city as if nothing happened – as seen in an official report by Reuters.

Wiping cake off her face following a food fight, 29-year-old Zhang Qiong told Reuters:

“After experiencing the first wave of epidemic in Wuhan and then the liberation, I feel like I’m living a second life.”

The news website also shared that outside, we can see “maskless partygoers spill onto the streets, smoking and playing street games with toy machine guns and balloons.”

Wuhan’s nightlife is definitely “back in full swing almost seven months after the city lifted its stringent lockdown and the city’s young partygoers are embracing the catharsis.”

Yi Yi, one of those who went out to party, remarked:

“During the epidemic time, Wuhan was really a dead city. Now people are all coming out to eat and have fun. I don’t think there were as many people before the epidemic.”

Watch the video report here:

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Of course, it can be remembered that this isn’t exactly the first time that Wuhan locals have been spotted partying. Back in August, an electronic music festival was held at the Wuhan Maya Beach Park. Thousands attended the said event.

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