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Believe It Or Not, You Can Own This Inn For ONLY $125!





When I was a kid, I dreamt of owning restaurants and hotels. But then I grew up, and I realized that I’ll need buckets and buckets of bucks to make this dream come true so I decided to do something else.

However, things were different for Janice Sage, owner and innkeeper of the Center Lovell Inn in Maine. She was able to own the inn for a meager price of $100! How did that happen? Well, the previous owner held an essay writing contest with a $100 entrance fee in 1993. The grand prize – the Center Lovell Inn. Needless to say, Janice won the contest and the ownership of the inn. And now that Janice is retiring, she wants to do the same thing.

Instead of the conventional way of selling properties, Janice decided to hold an essay writing contest.

Submit a 200-word essay for $125, and you’ll get the chance to own the Center Lovell Inn!


Photo credit: ABC News
The essay must be written in English and must say why you should be the next owner of the inn. Entries must be received on or before May 17th.


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She aims to attract at least 7,500 contestants so she can accumulate $900,000, which is the estimated value of the property.


Photo credit: Center Lovell Inn
The cozy inn has 10 guest rooms and it’s dining room can accommodate 40 guests.


Photo credit: Center Lovell Inn
Do you find it unbelievable to own this awesome inn by winning an essay contest?


Photo credit: Center Lovell Inn
Well, you better believe it because it’s real! Janice won the inn in 1993 for $100!


Photo credit: PressHerald
The Center Lovell Inn was built in 1805 and has scenic views of Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.


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Don’t take too long to think. Grab this chance to own the inn!


Photo credit: Bangor Daily News

Imagine owning an inn for $125. What are you waiting for? Check this link to find out how to join!

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H/T: Center Lovell Inn via Little Things

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