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Driving Test Examiner Teaches Young Drivers a Very Valuable Lesson

These young drivers did not know what they were in for!

Grace Alviar Viray





Since automobiles were invented, many people have been involved in different road accidents. While some people are lucky to just get a scratch or a dent on their car, there are those who get injured, or even worse, don’t survive the accident.

People usually don’t realize that what they’re doing while driving may actually cost their lives. Although driving accidents can happen to anyone, there are actually a lot of ways to prevent them.

Of course, drunk driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents but there’s another culprit that has caused over a million accidents in the U.S. in 2011 alone. This culprit has actually become an essential to most people, especially to young drivers.

So, how do you prevent these young drivers to avoid the most common cause of road accidents?

This driving test examiner from Belgium just taught them how…


How did he do it? And were they able to learn the important lesson?

Watch this video and find out:

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H/T: Metaspoon, Texting and Driving Safety


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This Dance Changed A Couple’s Life Forever

Who would’ve thought that a dance in Central Park could change this couple’s life forever?

Grace Alviar Viray



They say life is much like dancing: you have to dance to the beat of the chapters in your life. We dance with our family, we dance with our friends, and sometimes we dance alone. It could also get challenging to dance to the music, especially if we do not know which step to take. In this case, a dance partner makes the music in our life worth dancing. Yes, love is much like dancing with a partner! Each step becomes easier and every rhythm of the music in our lives just makes sense. Much like the couple in this video.

Exactly five years ago, Josh and Amanda met on the set of a dance video. Unfortunately, they weren't able to complete it. So, this year, they decided to shoot another dance video, hoping they would be able to finish it.

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Uber Passengers Get the Ultimate Surprise When A McLaren Supercar Picks Them Up

What would you do if your Uber car for the day turns out to be a McLaren MP4-12C supercar? Wait, what?!

Inah Garcia



Do Bugati Veyron, Ferrari Enzo and Audi R8 ring an almost orgasmic bell to you? If yes, then you are a certified supercar lover! Supercars are high-performance sports cars that are built with really expensive materials and designed in the most epic ways. These cars are manufactured in limited numbers, giving it that "elite" vibe to anyone who owns or rides it.

In Malaysia,, an automotive publication, registered a McLaren MP4-12C to Uber disguised as a Perodua Myvi. They wanted to give Uber users the ride of their lives and see how they would react. Their goal was to give a good surprise, put a smiles on people's faces and hopefully make their day!

Everything was filmed exactly as it happened. No scripts, no huge production crew, just plain video camera to document the spontaneous events. According to the publication's executive producer, they were fearful but excited before the experiment began but once they picked up their first customer and saw a very positive reaction, they knew it was going to be a success!

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This Guy Surprised His Girlfriend with a Wedding Proposal From the Dental Chair

As we meet the new era of advancement, more and more men are being aware of the weight of the big question that they ask their girlfriends—“will you marry me?”

Bernadette Carillo



Isn’t it all natural that every time you hear the big news of people finally changing their single status to engaged, you immediately want to know how? Well, thankfully, this is the new generation already. As we meet the new era of advancement, more and more men are being aware of the weight of the big question that they ask their girlfriends—“will you marry me?”

It’s really a big factor how men of today have evolved on how much effort and creativity they consume before popping the big question. Thanks to technology, thousands are able to witness the life-changing moments of newly-engaged couples. After all, they are not just asking for a spur of the moment, they are asking for a lifetime commitment! Admit it or not, almost all women definitely feel envious and immediately day dream of their own walk in the clouds right after watching a magical proposal. What you are about to watch is another well-played theatrical act just for an engagement conspiracy.
Meet Tanner who has been head-over-heels to Bri for quite some time now and who has decided to take their relationship to a whole higher notch. As he pretended to be in incredible pain, he decided to pay a visit the clinic where his girlfriend works for. Of course, with the initial check up to examine where the pain was really coming from, Bri did her usual routine to all their patients. Now, as the dentist approached, Bri was then instructed to step outside for a while with no idea that even her boss and other workmates were Tanner’s accomplices!

Fulfilling Bri’s ideal wedding proposal, her workmates assisted Tanner to prepare for the climax of the whole play given the limited window they have while Bri’s away. Finally, when Bri stepped in and saw the x-ray film of a ring, she knew right away that the whole dental pain was fortunately just a hoax! What happened next is obviously a job well done!

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