Watch How These Kids Save Their Lives When School Bus Driver Passes Out While Driving

Accidents do happen. While many of them are quite unexpected, it is true that how we react to certain situations can spell out whether we will survive or not. Of course, it can be hard to stay calm particularly when we are overwhelmed by fear. Compared to adults, you would think that kids are more likely to panic during scary situations but the video embedded below shows us otherwise.

Caught on camera, a driver apparently passed out while driving a school bus with middle school students as his passengers. This could have caused an accident since no one was controlling the vehicle but how these kids handled the situation will surely amaze you. Their quick reflexes and alertness are definitely praiseworthy.

Watch the video here:

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Jeremy, one of the students grabbed the steering wheel until he got into the right side of the road and stopped the vehicle right before it crashes into a church. Another kid did ‘CPR’ to the then unconscious bus driver while the one student called 911. Luckily, they prevented a tragic accident from happening and everyone was safe.

Way to go kids! Your parents must be very proud of you. More than that, they must be relieved that no one was hurt.

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5-year-old Girl Hailed as Hero After Saving The Lives of Her Mom And Baby Brother.

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