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Watch How These Kids Save Their Lives When School Bus Driver Passes Out While Driving

Kids saved everyone and kept the situation under control when their school bus driver passed out while driving.

Accidents do happen. While many of them are quite unexpected, it is true that how we react to certain situations can spell out whether we will survive or not. Of course, it can be hard to stay calm particularly when we are overwhelmed by fear. Compared to adults, you would think that kids are more likely to panic during scary situations but the video embedded below shows us otherwise.

Caught on camera, a driver apparently passed out while driving a school bus with middle school students as his passengers. This could have caused an accident since no one was controlling the vehicle but how these kids handled the situation will surely amaze you. Their quick reflexes and alertness are definitely praiseworthy.

Watch the video here:

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Jeremy, one of the students grabbed the steering wheel until he got into the right side of the road and stopped the vehicle right before it crashes into a church. Another kid did ‘CPR’ to the then unconscious bus driver while the one student called 911. Luckily, they prevented a tragic accident from happening and everyone was safe.

Way to go kids! Your parents must be very proud of you. More than that, they must be relieved that no one was hurt.

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Miracle Son Recounts How His Father Reacted When He Was Diagnosed With C****r as a Kid.

The bond between this father and son is truly priceless!

Our parents are the most capable people in the world who can give us unconditional love that is so immense, it is beyond belief. We think it is not just because it is their responsibility to care for their children, but more so because it is but natural for them to feel that strong affection towards their offspring. Ultimately, there is no explanation too deep that can ever define a parent's love for their child.

For many, their parents are their heroes. Take this man for an example. At age 13, he was told that he was gonna die due to his cancer diagnosis. He said it was the first time that he saw his dad cry upon learning his prognosis. The scene made a striking impact on him ever since. When his dad, who is a member of the marines, was asked to join a three-year tour, he immediately refused to go and said that he didn't care of the consequences, he won't go because his son has cancer. These are just some of the fond memories that this man had with his 'hero'. There are so many more touching events that he recalled in the video below.

Watch his full gratitude testament here:

How about you? Who is your hero and how special is he/ she to you? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: American Greetings via SF Globe...

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Meet the World’s First ‘Pho-DOG-rapher’ Who Uses A Camera That Shoots Every Time It Gets Excited!

The dog’s camera is connected to a Bluetooth device that detects heart beat changes. When the heart beat increases, the camera shoots a photo!

Photography has received increasing popularity recently. With bloggers, travelers and social media users turning to beautiful photos to heightened their interests, different cameras have been developed to suit up everyone's needs. But what we did not see coming was a camera especially made for dogs!

Nikon recently developed “Heartography,” a technology that enables dogs to shoot photos by connecting a camera to a heart monitor via Bluetooth. Every time the dog's heart beat increases, the heart monitor detects it and instantly snaps a photo. The changes in the dog's heart beat may be brought about by excitement, fear or other strong feelings. With this, we can know how a dog's day had been - what excited it during the day, who it encountered and basically how its day went. We are just not sure if this will hit store racks anytime soon.

For its promotional video, Nikon Asia dubbed a dog named Grizzler as the world's first "pho-dog-grapher" to try their new technology.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Do you think this picture of a black cat was shot due to excitement, fear or any other emotion?


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Schoolgirl Who A*******d an Older Boy, Jailed After Video Went Viral.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl wearing her school uniform, bullied and punched a boy on camera while using foul language.

A 14-year-old British girl from Croydon, South London was arrested and charged with assault 15 hours after the captured video of her mugging another teenager who is physically taller than her went viral. The video garnered 2.7 million views early on the 14th of May.

The school girl whose name is still disclosed pleaded guilty of charge at Croydon Youth Court and is likely to face an eight-month sentence at the Young Offender Institution for breaching a youth rehabilitation order that was imposed on March 8 for GBH, witness intimidation, and assault.

In the video, which was captured by a mobile phone, it could be seen that the teen lass was cornering a teenage boy while grabbing his sweatshirt and threatening him with abusive and foul languages, which appear to be adapted from the Jamaican lingo. With several attempts to knock down the boy, she finally landed a punch on his face that made the recorder remark an “Oh, that’s a connection.”

A 14-year-old girl physically and verbally abuses a teenage boy.

Girl threatens boy...

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