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Australian Instagram Parody Star Is Back To Hilariously Recreate More Celebrity Photos





It’s hard to forget Celeste Barber, the Australian comedian who earned a steady following on Instagram for hilariously recreating photos of celebrities like the Kardashians, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Apparently, there’s no stopping Barber ans she’s now back for more Instagram parodies.

As always, Barber doesn’t fail to crack people up with her trolling. She’s come up with her own series called #CelesteChallengeAccepted. The photos include a recreation of hot celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez. And Barber is also back with some more Beyonce trolling!

#1. She's being real about the saggy breasts part.

#2. "The basis of any good relationship- trust."

#3. "With fame comes boats, bikinis, flexibility and humility."

#4. Kendall Jenner vs Celeste Barber on a holiday.

#5. Friday night vs. Monday morning

#6. Because that's the normal reaction when light reflects on you.

#7. Trying to pull off Lenny Kravitz's oversized scarf.

#8. The kids' faces show it all.

#9. Barber's showing what's it really like carrying a toddler.

#10. Pizza is love.

#11. That time when Sia visited Australia.

#12. "When style and safety go hand in hand."

#13. "When the help is away and you gotta wash your own car."

#14. Celeste's got her own merch, too.

#15. "One must get their sexy on in the middle of a stairwell so NO ONE can escape you."

#16. "When you share a bathroom with 3 boys."

#17. Workout on the beach.

#18. "When your kids are at a play date so you put on some really uncomfortable shoes and get sexy."

#19. Showing off the lady garden.

#20. "When you see your crush and try to stay chill."

#21. Carbs definitely don't lie.

#22. Holding life's most precious gifts.

#23. Nicki Minaj stole Celeste's idea.

#24. "Get in your undies, get on the stairs and point your toes!"

#25. Get behind the plant like KoKo did.

For more of Celeste Barber’s wacky photos, check out her Instagram.

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