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Australian Instagram Parody Star Is Back To Hilariously Recreate More Celebrity Photos

Celeste Barber is back with more trolling!


It’s hard to forget Celeste Barber, the Australian comedian who earned a steady following on Instagram for hilariously recreating photos of celebrities like the Kardashians, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Apparently, there’s no stopping Barber ans she’s now back for more Instagram parodies.

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As always, Barber doesn’t fail to crack people up with her trolling. She’s come up with her own series called #CelesteChallengeAccepted. The photos include a recreation of hot celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez. And Barber is also back with some more Beyonce trolling!

#1. She's being real about the saggy breasts part.

#2. "The basis of any good relationship- trust."

#3. "With fame comes boats, bikinis, flexibility and humility."

#4. Kendall Jenner vs Celeste Barber on a holiday.

#5. Friday night vs. Monday morning

#6. Because that's the normal reaction when light reflects on you.

#7. Trying to pull off Lenny Kravitz's oversized scarf.

#8. The kids' faces show it all.

#9. Barber's showing what's it really like carrying a toddler.

#10. Pizza is love.

#11. That time when Sia visited Australia.

#12. "When style and safety go hand in hand."

#13. "When the help is away and you gotta wash your own car."

#14. Celeste's got her own merch, too.

#15. "One must get their sexy on in the middle of a stairwell so NO ONE can escape you."

#16. "When you share a bathroom with 3 boys."

#17. Workout on the beach.

#18. "When your kids are at a play date so you put on some really uncomfortable shoes and get sexy."

#19. Showing off the lady garden.

#20. "When you see your crush and try to stay chill."

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#21. Carbs definitely don't lie.

#22. Holding life's most precious gifts.

#23. Nicki Minaj stole Celeste's idea.

#24. "Get in your undies, get on the stairs and point your toes!"

#25. Get behind the plant like KoKo did.

For more of Celeste Barber’s wacky photos, check out her Instagram.


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