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These Siblings Seems to Play the Piano Normally. Until They Did Something Truly Amazing!





Learning to play the piano is probably one of the most common childhood activities of all time. Most kids, at some point, were enrolled in a summer piano workshop. While others think that wanting to play the piano is just a childhood phase, those with natural talent were able to continue and become an excellent pianist.

What is interesting is that some of these kids have changed the impression that playing the piano is boring, or is just for geeks. Children as young as 4 years old can press the keys like a pro. One kid can play with his feet, and another stunned the world by playing the piano amidst being blind.

Recently, a new piano duo has amazed the public with their skills. Jason Lyle Black and his sister Sara were featured in a video showcasing their unbelievable piano-playing talent. They added a few more twists in the video by including some funny scenes here and there. At first, it seems like an ordinary musical video with siblings playing the songs from the soundtrack of the hit Disney movie, Frozen. But at 1:01, Sara started to do what we thought was impossible!

Watch the video:

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Did you see how Sara sat on the chair with his back against the piano and started to play? To add to the awesomeness, his brother also joined in and did the same. It is truly amazing!

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Credits: Jason Lyle Black

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