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16 Epic Situations That You Have To Deal With When You Have Siblings

#16 is just brutal.






Siblings — you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. But one thing is for sure, having siblings is never boring.

People without siblings always dream of having a brother or a sister to be by their side all the time as it gets lonely being an only child. However, people with siblings would all agree that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies having a brother or a sister. Here are 16 epic situations when you have siblings.

1. “I texted my younger brother during graduation to remind him that full-time employment is right around the corner.”

2. What it’s like being the younger one.

3. Because you deserve the better one.

4. Locked up by your brother.

5. Because your sister is such an animal that she has to be caged.

6. She hates when he does this, which is why he keeps on doing it.

7. He or she is still alive, that’s all that matters.

8. “I just told my sister she ate an intestine.”

9. When you just don’t trust your brother’s driving capabilities.

10. It’s never safe to fall asleep first when your siblings are around. Exhibit A:

11. “It’s just a tiny little scratch that nobody would ever notice. You’re just overreacting!”

12. Because helping her is just too hard, so you just stand there and laughed at her.

13. This is the only thing your sibling deserves.

14. “Do you really think this is enough to fill a bowl?” I think it would fill two large bowls.

15. The back of your head looked so much more interesting anyway.

16. “Bought my brother tree trimmers for Christmas, built a cardboard frame around them and wrapped them like this.”

Betrayal at its finest! This is exactly why we all have trust issues.

But kidding aside, having siblings is not all that bad. Of course, everyone has a misunderstanding, but these small arguments make life a little more colorful.

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