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Sisters Who Are Polar Opposites Delight the Internet

One owns an inflatable unicorn at home while another has a small coffin near her doormat.

Mark Andrew




  • Two sisters went viral on Twitter after their pictures together caught everyone’s attention.
  • The original post, shared by Alexandria Bishop, shows her and her sister Jessica Toutant – who look nothing alike because of their styles.

No two human beings are ever exactly alike. All of us have our own unique experiences, personalities, and preferences that set us apart from one another. And sometimes, it can be a bit ironic how people who grew up under the same roof end up being drastically different from each other.

Take it from Aexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant, a pair of sisters from Detroit who recently went viral because of a Twitter post. Apparently, Alexandria shared some photos comparing how different they are when it comes to fashion sense and home interior choices. The tweet blew up and attracted hundreds of thousands of likes on the said social media platform as numerous netizens have found it amusing.

“My sister and I are polar opposites,” wrote Alexandria in her post.

And yes, that’s clearly evident in their photo together as Jessica can be seen with colorful hair and wide smile while Alexandria prefers black and looks a bit reserved.

Meanwhile, Jessica owns a huge inflatable winged unicorn in her home while Alexandria has a door mat with an attitude – and a little coffin beside it, too!

The post eventually gained viral attention and even media sources took interest in the sisters’ story. In a BuzzFeed interview, Alexandria shared she didn’t expect the tweet to explode like that because it was only a random tweet.

“I was watching my nieces in Jessica’s yard today and I took a photo of her fence and decided to post it,” she said.

Alexandria also pointed out the fact that she and Jessica have an 8-year age gap, adding:

“Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted.”

Countless netizens took time to comment about the sisters and some even compared them to cartoon characters like Raven and Starfire (Teen Titans Go) as well as Marceline and Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time).

One of the numerous commenters on the viral tweet wrote:

“It would be great if they lived in a side by side duplex.”

Meanwhile, another joked:

“She’s so dark! Must be part of the DC universe.”

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