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National Geographic Unveils Winners of 2017 Travel Photography Competition

National Geographic compiled the most breathtaking photos from all over the world.


Photographers all over the world have been waiting for this moment – the announcement of winners of this year’s National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year. The annual event seems to be getting more and more competitive with thousands of breathtaking shots from talented photographers. Over 15,000 entries from travelers worldwide vied for the coveted title and prizes.

The stunning photos have their unique way of highlighting the three major categories – nature, people, and cities. Check out the award-winning shots compiled by BoredPanda below.

#1 Grand Prize Winner: The Power Of Nature (Rancho De Aguirre, Colima, Mexico)

A powerful eruption illuminates the slopes of Mexico’s Colima Volcano on December 13, 2015. I was in the town of Comala when I suddenly saw incandescence above the volcano’s crater and started shooting. Seconds later, a powerful volcanic explosion expelled a cloud of ash particles and a massive lightning bolt illuminated most of the dark scene. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

#2 Honorable Mention, Nature: Forest Of The Fairy (Tamba, Japan)


In a remote village in the Tamba region of Japan, twinkling fireflies light up the Forest of the Gods on a summer evening. The fireflies carpet a stairway leading to a small shrine revered by the local people, creating a magical atmosphere.

#3 Honorable Mention, Nature: Marble Caves (Chile)


My dad and I traveled to Patagonia earlier this year, and we wanted to see something off the beaten path. After a 10-hour drive and traversing a long, dirt trail, we finally came upon the marble caves. We chartered a boat to take us closer, and I waited for the perfect light to capture these intricate blue swirls. The extra effort it took to reach the caves was worth it.

#4 People's Choice Winner, Cities: Colorful Market, Bangkok (Thailand)

As night falls over Bangkok, Thailand, rows of rainbow-colored market stalls come to life.

#5 Third Place Winner, People: Under The Wave (Tavarua, Fiji)

I recently traveled to Tavarua, Fiji, with professional surfer Donavon Frankenreiter and captured this image at Cloudbreak. The usual surf shots have all been done, so we decided to get creative and looked for new angles and perspectives.


Netherlands Residents Experience Nightmare Living In The ‘Most Spammed Home Address’

Imagine having your mailbox clogged with letters from strangers.

Getting junk or spam emails is already bad enough so what more if unexpected letters are delivered right to your doorstep. If that’s not bad enough, imagine living in a home where you get your utilities cut off for no reason or receive mail from strangers. Sounds like a nightmare but it did happen to a few people living at this particular address in the Netherlands.

Home address 1234 AB, 123 (real address undisclosed) is considered as the most spammed address hackers or even regular people in the country use when they fill out online forms, Motherboard Netherlands (via Oddity Central) reported. These people either enter the address because they’re too lazy to put their own or use it as a way to protect their own privacy. What these people don’t realize is that it has negative consequences for people who are actually living in that home.

1234 AB, 123 is an actual address in Noord-Holland (North Holland) province in Netherlands.

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The Sinking Paradise: Maldives Will Disappear In Roughly 30 Years

Maldives will reportedly be wiped off from the map in the next 30 years due to threats of global warming.

Maldives, the tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, is considered by many as the ultimate destination, especially for those who love the beach. And of course, it is one of the top destinations for a honeymoon.

With its pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, it’s pretty understandable why anyone would include Maldives on their bucket list. If you’re one of those people who has written Maldives as one of the places to visit in your life, you might want to book that trip sooner.

Maldives is a top destination for honeymooners.

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Flight Hacker Shares Secret To Travelling First Class Without Spending A Fortune

Now anyone can tour the world like royalty at bargain bin prices. Might as well try some of these tips next time.

Traveling the world could be really expensive, especially if you opt to fly first-class. Sure, there are other means of jetting off in the lap luxury at a fraction of the cost. But that usually means using your credit card or spending a fortune to earn points. So is it still possible to take that lavish flight without shelling out a big amount of money? Apparently, yes, according to a professional flight hacker. For those who cannot afford that first-class air travel, you might want to check this out.

New York-based travel blogger and certified flight hacker Gilbert Ott reveals some interesting tips and tricks that could cut back pricey flight expenses. From clocking up air miles without actually taking off to missing flights on purpose -- this flight hacker shares it all.

Buy Loyalty Points Directly From The Carrier

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