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Badass Woman Picks Up Huge Snake Off Road To Save It From Being Run Over





What would you do if you see a giant snake on a major highway? In a new viral footage, a fearless woman grabbed a giant snake and takes it off the road to save it from being run over by vehicles.

The video captured by a passing biker shows a massive python stuck in the middle of the main highway in Guaratiba, Brazil. The traffic was halted as onlookers stood still and no one dared to go near the huge snake. The snake seemed scared too and no one wanted to help it, except Camila.

Fearless Camila grabbed the snake to save it from the vehicles.

Source: JukinVideo

She slowly and coolly grabbed the snake’s head so it won’t bite her and she carried it off the road. She even posed with the snake hauled on her shoulders for people to take photos of her, Buzzy News reports.

She's one fearless woman

Source: JukinVideo

Her friends warned her that the snake might bite her but she just ignored them. She took the snake at the side of the road and the video ends with her friends taking snaps of her bravery and courage, with her new friend, a massive seven-foot python.

Onlookers took her photos in awe.

Source: JukinVideo

Many people commended Camila for her act of kindness toward the reptile while others claim that it looks like she handled snakes before.

She said Camila looks like she's familiar with snakes

Another person said the guys must have felt ashamed.

Source: JukinVideo

Watch the full video here:

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