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Heroic Teen Jumps In Front of Speeding Car to Save Little Sister




  • A heroic 15-year-old boy bravely saved his sister from what could have been a horrific accident.
  • As seen in the viral video, the teen jumped in front of a speeding vehicle to pull his sister out of harm’s way.
  • Many netizens have since praised him, while others commented that cars shouldn’t drive too fast in that little street.

A teenager from Brazil has caught the attention and admiration of the internet after heroically saving his younger sister from certain tragedy.

In the video that has since widely circulated online, we see the youngster displaying great courage and quick-thinking, jumping in front of a speeding vehicle – never hesitating to risk his life.

The short clip begins with the teen preparing to cross the road. Much to his surprise, his 3-year-old sister, who was waiting for him at the opposite side of the road, started running towards him.

Without even thinking twice, he immediately sprang into action and pulled his sister out of the way of an incoming car. Fortunately, he acted really fast and so he and his sister remained unharmed. The driver also stopped the vehicle, presumably to check on them.

Numerous netizens have been praising the teen’s bravery, with some commenting that he “perfectly exemplifies brotherly love.”

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the driver was obviously going too fast. As someone on Reddit wrote, drivers “have to go slower on that street.”

Watch the viral video here to see how everything happened:

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We tried digging up more information and we learned that the security footage was taken in Mato Grosso, a state in west-central Brazil. So far, the boy’s identity remains unknown, although Yahoo News recently reported that our hero is 15 years of age. No details has also been mentioned about the exact location of the incident.

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