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Powerful Group Breastfeeding Photo Sends Important Message, “This Is Our Right”





Ask any doctor and they’d easily tell you that breast milk, compared with other types of milk, is the best one for babies. It’s really not rocket science and everyone knows this as a fact.

Strangely, however, many nursing mothers will tell you that feeding their babies in public is still viewed by many as a bad thing. There is still a lot of social stigma surrounding breastfeeding despite the fact that we’re living in the modern world.

Well one photographer from Arizona had enough of this.

27 mothers, 1 important message: breastfeeding is their right.

Alicia Atkins gathered breastfeeding mothers to participate in a powerful photoshoot that sends a special message – nursing out in the open can be done anytime, anywhere. Set in a gorgeous desert sunset, the image has since went viral online as it gained many positive reactions. The photo has since been featured online by Yahoo and several other websites.

In a lengthy Facebook post accompanying the picture, Atkins wrote:

“THIS is for everyone that says to cover up. THIS is our right. THIS is for everyone that rolls their eyes. THIS is for the ones that say go feed your baby in the bathroom. THIS is for the ones that say “we don’t want to see that”. THIS is for the ones that say “do you have to feed them HERE? NOW?”

“THIS is for US. THIS is for or children. THIS IS OUR RIGHT!

“We never should have to be told that we should go somewhere else to feed our babies. We should never be told we are disgusting. We should never be told that we are immodest. Immoral, looking for attention, sexualizing ourselves, or our children.”

The photographer and the mothers want to fight the negative public image of breastfeeding.

The photographer continued:

“Yesterday I was told a breastfeeding mom should respect others and make OTHERS comfortable. How about making the MOM and BABY comfortable! How about that??

“Why do breastfed moms get dirty looks and eyes rolled? How about you smile and say ‘Can I get you a glass of water?’

“Breastfeeding is not easy. Breastfeeding is hard. You get kicked in the face. Your nipple bit. Pulled. Pried. Twiddled. Your hair pulled. Scratched. All while someone is looking at you rolling their eyes and saying ‘Can you go to the hot car?’ ‘Can you go sit in a hot car and eat?!’ ‘Can you go to the bathroom and do that’ ‘Would you like to go eat your hot steak dinner in a bathroom next to a toilet?’

“’Can you cover up?’ Can you cover up while you eat because chances are I don’t want to see your nasty face eating… Its hot under a blanket. Try it over your head — While eating.”

Shame to all those who are shaming nursing mothers!

Atkins also strongly pointed out:

“STOP shaming moms. THIS is natural. We were made to do this. It is not okay to make a mom feel bad about feeding her baby. Its just not okay.

“Stop sexualizing breastfeeding. You see more boob on Tv. On the beach. In a magazine. I GUARANTEE you’ve seen more of the Kardashian’s boobs then you see in this photo right here.

“Stop making your kids uncomfortable and telling them not to look at a breastfeeding mom. YOU make it awkward. I guarantee a child doesnt know that difference. Or care.”

“Normalize breastfeeding — Because it IS normal,” pleaded Atkins.

Kudos to these women for being an inspiration!

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