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Dads Can Now “Breastfeed” Babies By Using This Device

Now the mom can sleep as daddy breastfeeds the baby!

  • Japanese tech company Dentsu has made breastfeeding possible for fathers – by creating the father’s nursing assistant.
  • The wearable tech resembles a woman’s breast and has its own nipple and tank.
  • It also uses a special app that allows parents to track a baby’s sleeping and feeding patterns.

Parents and experts agree that breastmilk is indeed the best milk for babies. Despite that fact, most mothers would also attest that breastfeeding can be extremely exhausting.

It can be pretty uncomfortable and it could even mean sleepless nights for a new mom since she was to stay up whenever a hungry baby cries and asks for milk.

Well fret not, dear moms, because your hubbies can now help out in your breastfeeding duties!

Japan-based tech firm Dentsu recently introduced their father’s nursing assistant, a wearable device that allows dads to breastfeed their babies.

The tech looks like a female breast and comes with its own nipple and tank, which can be filled with breastmilk or formula. Moreover, it also has a special app that helps parents monitor the baby’s sleeping and feeding habits.

The unique device was unveiled during the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival held in Austin, Texas.

In an official press release, the company explained that they made the device to encourage more fathers to participate in nurturing their newborns – so moms can experience lesser stress.

The company said:

“Breastfeeding is also effective at helping the parent sleep—a benefit that is currently skewed toward women.

“Focusing on breastfeeding, we aim to decrease the amount of burden on mothers and increase the amount of time infants sleep by enabling fathers to breastfeed.”

Watch the video here:

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So far, the device has garnered mixed reactions from netizens online.

For example, a commenter said:

“I don’t see how this is different than giving a bottle. So they can touch a fake boob? Like the baby doesn’t know it’s fake.”

Meanwhile, one mom wrote:

“Would be perfect for me. My baby don’t drink from bottles at all.”


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