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Massive Dog Cafe With Indoor Dog Beach To Open In The UK Soon




  • A huge dog cafe will soon open in the UK.
  • Alfie’s Island Cafe will cater to dog lovers, their pets, and even non pet owners alike as they will be offering dog adoption services.
  • The cafe will also have an indoor beach for dogs.

Dog lovers from the UK, we’ve got some good news for you: paradise will soon be a little closer to home.

A special cafe for dogs is hoping to open its doors for the public soon and among its facilities would be an indoor dog beach. The place will also offer pup adoption services for interested individuals.

Alfie’s Island Cafe will be located in Timperley, Greater Manchester.

According to a report by the Manchester Evening News, it’s going to be a massive 22-acre area capable of serving up to 120 customers. While there, people can order items from the cafe’s American-inspired selection such as burgers, gourmet hot dogs, pancakes, and more. Dogs also get to enjoy a dedicated menu.

And yes, diners can likewise hang out with the cute doggies. Plus the indoor dog beach is sure going to be lots of fun!

Owners Tony and Tania Golden, a couple from the US, rescued Alfie, a golden retriever from Greece. And now they want to help more stray dogs from the country to find their own forever homes in the UK. So they decided to collaborating with Starlight Barking Trust for that purpose.

Tony shared:

“The dogs get a chance to play outside if they want to, they can play together and sleep together.

“We do really look at things from a scientific side – it’s not just about making a play area that looks pretty.

“A lot of dogs will freak out in a kind of warehouse setting, it can mess with their personality. They’re so much happier here. It’s a very big space with a lot of flexibility, and that’s what we love about it.”

Originally expected to open in July, Alfie’s Island Cafe is still, at the moment, waiting to get the green light the government.

In a recent Facebook post, we read:

“We are currently completing some final adjustments in regards to the planning process and although we do not have a definite date of when we will be opening, we hope it to be soon.

“We will post on Facebook as soon as we have a date to announce. Again we appreciate everyone’s support in our journey to bring you Alfie’s Island Cafe.”

Go check them out on their official page for more updates.

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