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Doctor Disgusted After Drunk Maskless Protesters Shouts “Covid Is Hoax” Outside Hospital




  • Dr. Matthew Lee, a junior doctor at St. Thomas’ Hospital in the UK, has shared his frustrations after seeing drunk, maskless protesters outside their building following a late night shift.
  • In his post on Twitter, Lee said that he hopes people would actually realize the “seriousness of the pandemic,” adding that hundreds are “sick and dying” inside the hospital.

Imagine working as a doctor during the pandemic and you’ve just finished your late night shift. How would you feel if you see hundreds of people outside the building, not wearing masks and proclaiming Covid-19 isn’t real?

This was the exact scenario Dr. Matthew Lee found himself in as he left the St. Thomas’ Hospital. According to his post on Twitter, he couldn’t help but feel “disgusted” and “heartbroken” after seeing the intoxicated protesters.

As seen in the footage, the protesters did not wear masks nor did they observe social distancing regulations.

“Why do people still not realize the seriousness of this pandemic?” asked Dr. Lee, pointing out that “literally… hundreds are sick and dying” inside the hospital building.

“This week alone has been so tough,” he likewise lamented in a different tweet. “Their ignorance is hurting others. I really wish people would keep themselves safe.”

Authorities in the United Kingdom have implemented stricter restrictions starting December 30, following numerous household gatherings over Christmas Day. Reports tell us that 53,285 infections have been recorded on New Year’s Day, along with 613 deaths.

Broadcaster Piers Morgan, host for Good Morning Britain, retweeted Dr. Lee’s post and added:

“If it’s a hoax, let’s take all these imbeciles inside the COVID ward without PPE. See how brave they feel when confronted with the reality of people choking to death.”

As of this writing, the UK has reported a total of 2,654,779 confirmed infections, with 75,024 fatalities.

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