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A Disturbing Video of a Polar Bear Fed With Fire Cracker Caused Outrage





According to the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, polar bears are listed as endangered species.

Below is a viral video showing a polar bear in severe pain, fighting for her life after she was purportedly fed with a fire cracker. A report says that a cook in a Russian military base fed a polar bear with explosives. The suspected cook may face up to 7 years in prison, if this will be proven and confirmed. Witnesses say, the bear has a cub and were frequently seen around the base looking for food and being fed by the cook.

LifeNews said they were able to get in touch with the cook. According to the alleged cook, the bear regularly visit the site in Wrangel Island located in the far east of Russia to get food however in one of her visits, the bear had “itself grabbed a rocket flare and began chewing on it. “ said the cook.

The video shows a suffering polar bear rolling on the snow, in deep pain with blood pouring out of her nose. In the background of the video, it can be heard that men were talking and discussing about what is happening to the poor bear; they were anxious.

There were different versions as to what the polar bear ate, some say it was fire cracker; others report that it was a rocket flare.

A report also says that the bear thought that the fire cracker is delicious and ate it, others say that the fire cracker was hidden under her food. It’s still unclear how the bear got it and what exactly she ate.

The video did not show what happened after the blood came out of her snout. There was also a report that says the bear was shot to end her agony, but this was not verified. However, the cook said to LifeNews that the bear did not die and the workers were looking for her, but failed to find her. Meanwhile, experts said there was little chance for the polar bear to survive. Nobody knows what exactly happened to the polar bear yet.

The Russia’s Military of Natural Resources is asking the General Prosecutor of Russia to examine and scrutinize the occurrence.

This viral video stirs outrage from people because animals must be taken care of and treated well.

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