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Bear Caught On Camera Stealing Dog Food From Family’s Porch




  • A family in Pennsylvania was concerned when they didn’t receive a box of dog food they had ordered online.
  • However, the dog food was actually left on their porch but had been stolen by a furry thief.
  • A video revealed that the box of dog food had been dragged away by a hungry bear.

They say that only dogs would ever love eating dog food. However, one bear is proving everybody wrong. A family discovered that someone had stolen a box of dog food from their porch. When they checked the security camera, they found that the thief was actually a hungry bear.

The Newman family of Lackawanna County in Pennsylvania was expecting a delivery of dog food from the online pet store Chewy. At first, they thought the box was never delivered. However, they soon found out that the dog food had actually been stolen from their porch. The security camera revealed that a bear found the boxes and had stolen all of the dog food.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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The video shows that the bear had opened one of the boxes and realized that it was filled with yummy dog food. The furry thief then decided to make off with one of the boxes. The bear carefully dragged the box off the porch and took it away into the woods.

The young bear obviously knew that the box was filled with dog food.

It’s a hilarious video but the Newman family still had a hungry dog to feed. Luckily, Chewy believed them when they told the pet store that a bear had stolen the delivery.

The company reportedly offered to send a new box of dog food so their pet doesn’t go hungry. Hopefully, the family will get to the new box before the bear realizes there is more dog food on the porch.

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