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9 Strangest Jobs That Students Take in Order to Survive





Not all of us are or were blessed with terrific finances while finishing school. A lot of college students are forced to work and take odd jobs just to help pay the bills. I’m sure you’ve heard of or met students who work at McDonald’s or other fastfood joints. Perhaps you’ve met students who moonlight as waiters, bartenders, or gasoline station attendants. Aside from not having a degree yet, dealing with the tight schedules that come with school is a prime reason for the lack of good-paying full-time jobs available for students.

Protecting crops to pay the rent


This is why some students are forced to take any job that comes their way, no matter how weird they are. When you’re back is against the wall and you need money for your next meal, the next school project, and the next rental bill, you will be forced to take anything that life hands down to you. Sure, you can ask help from Mommy and Daddy, but not all parents can shoulder all the expenses. And then there are students who don’t want their parents’ help, no matter how financially capable they are to extend assistance. These students have something to prove and they want to embody the independent college student vibe that they are supposed to have.

So how “weird” are these jobs exactly? It means chopping and cleaning human bones. Standing in the middle of a farm to scare off birds away from the crops. Pretending to be an underage person and see if the person in the store will still sell you beer. Posing nude in front or art students. Or better yet, dress up as an elf and help out Santa at the mall.

Curious, aren’t you? Check out this video to know some of the strangest jobs that students get in order to survive.

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