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Company Offers To Bath Applicants With £200,000-A-Year To Work In Dubai

You think you can’t earn a million dollars in just four years? With this company’s huge offer for their Dubai jobs, you can!

Donna Marie Padua





If you hate the idea of working for decades to prepare for your retirement and if you plan to make a fortune in less than 10 years, then it’s time to pack and fly to Dubai. A company has the best job offer and you don’t need any formal qualifications to win the position!

Dubai is among the ultra-wealthy cities in the world. It has become a global financial and trade hub offering tons of opportunities to the millennials who dare to dream big. With several of the best businesses, it’s really not surprising how Dubai attracts expats from all corners of the world.

Prepare to work as a sales agent in the great city of Dubai.

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So if you’re looking to work in a cosmopolitan city that is strategically located on the global map, consider experiencing the world-class comfort, luxury and tax-free salary that won’t break your budget to achieve your dreams in Dubai. And it is no longer difficult to live the dream as a UK-based company is calling out on all interested people to register on their £200,000-a-year or $262,591, tax-free, Dubai job offer.

A UK-based company is offering £200,000-A-Year, tax-free salary for agents willing to work overseas.

If it still doesn’t sound amazing, the Allsopp & Allsopp estate agents, company based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, doesn’t need you to be the cream of the crop, or a professional license holder to quality. However, you need to have a brilliant personality and good ability to sell.

So if you want to be a millionaire in just five years while enjoying the luxuries of Dubai, then hurry up and register for this job that doesn’t need formal qualifications.

Aspiring applicants would also need to have an experience in sales, where previous engagement in estate selling would be a great plus. The successful applicants would be working in the company’s Dubai offices and will earn anything upwards of £75,000.

So if you think you have what it takes to sell a house in Dubai, then you can send your resume to [email protected] You can also find out more about the position from the video below. And if you are lucky not to spend all your earning on all the good stuff you can see in Dubai and its neighbor, Abu Dhabi, then you might own your dream house in just a few years.

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10 Jobs That May No Longer Exist In 2030

Check out whether you will still be employed in 2030 with this list of jobs that might no longer exist int he future.

Donna Marie Padua



If you have a job and are still starting to think of getting serious in nourishing your career, then you better hurry. You’ll never know when the industry will stop needing your role and totally phase out the job description that you are currently pursuing.

As the world advances to technological perfection, more and more tasks are being handed over to digital functions and full automation. Robots and machines are now replacing workers. Even software is now becoming employees’ competition. In the next ten to twenty years, you’ll never know what innovations will come out that might take over the job you are doing today.

Economic struggle is also one factor why some tasks are being canceled. For example, companies can cut costs by eliminating the housekeeping, hiring or training departments. Office assistants are also deemed no longer than necessary in a company, as regular employers can already carry out their tasks, thanks to technology.

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13 Famous People And Their Last Words In History

Even on deathbed, these people made every second count by uttering a few words that would be remembered forever.

Mark Lester Celozar



Have you ever wondered what would be your last words before you die? Would you be content with just a somber silence? Would you spend your last breath in this world telling your family how much you love them? Would you curse your worst enemy with your dying breath?

Below is a list of famous people who uttered some pretty iconic last words that would be forever remembered in the history.

1. Nathan Hale – Revolutionary War Spy

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10 Odd and Horrifying Facts About Lotus Feet

For the Chinese men, Lotus Feet meant beauty and extremely pleasurable sex.




Beauty has been a significant part of our society since time immemorial. We’ve always looked for ways to improve ourselves from time to time. In fact, every society has different styles and techniques in achieving beauty. Apparently, the road to pursuing it is not always easy.

Take for example Ancient China: They had their own definition of beauty. And for them, it meant cruelty and disfiguration. Case in point, Lotus Feet was all the rage. For the Chinese, having bounded feet projected the utmost beauty.

Below are 10 odd facts you probably didn’t know about Lotus Feet.

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