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7 Starbucks Hacks You Should Know




  • There are kid-friendly and dog-friendly drinks, usually for free.
  • Pay less for chai tea latte and consume less calories too.
  • Need more coffee than usual? Get the trenta size!

If you’re just like a lot of people who couldn’t live without their daily dose of Starbucks drink, you think you probably know all there is to know about getting the most out of your orders. But what if there are actually more ways to get your favorite beverage while still saving time and money?

Now these tips may not apply to ALL Starbucks stores since products, services, and promotions differ per branch, per city, or per country. But keep these hacks in mind and you may find yourself getting a delightful discount for your drink – heck, maybe even get it for free!

Pay less for hot chocolate

Why pay full price for an order of your usual choco when you can just order a cup of steamed milk with chocolate syrup? Not only will you save money, you will also save on calories too.

Ask for the secret trenta size

The trenta-size Frappuccino is not usually included in Starbucks menus, at least for coffee drinks. There are stores that sell these big glasses for fruit-flavored refreshers. Instead of ordering two Frappuccinos when you feel like overdosing on coffee, get the trenta instead, which is 31 ounces.

Order a grande in a venti cup

A lot of times, there’s a little bit of extra drink that goes to waste whenever your barista makes your beverage. Those extras are just washed off the drain, since the barista can’t save those for themselves or other customers. Next time you order a grande, ask your barista to put that in a venti cup. That way, you get all the extra liquid and maximize your order.

Ask for the short size

If you just want a small hit of caffeine and want to save money as well, try ordering the short size. The serving is smaller and costs less, which means you won’t be wasting decent coffee.

Order the Babyccino for your kid

If you need to get your kid something while you’re having your usual cup of coffee, go ask for the Babyccino, which is cappuccino without the espresso. Basically, it’s frothy steamed milk. Some stores may even give it for free, although they are not required to do so. It’s a no-guilt drink for your kid since it’s just milk with no caffeine or sugar.

Order the Pupaccino for your dog

You need something to keep your furry friend occupied while enjoying your frappe? Some stores offer the secret “pupaccino,” which is just a cup of whipped cream. It’s usually free, just like the Babyccino.

Save on chai latte

If you must have your cup of chai latte but don’t feel like paying full for it, hack it by ordering a simple cup of tea and then ask your barista to give you a shot of steamed milk, which should be free. Not only will it save you money, you also consume less calories, since the drink contains less sugar.

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