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“Starbucks Karen” Who Shamed a Barista for Asking Her to Wear a Mask Wants Half of the $100,000 Tip He Got From Supporters




  • Lenen Gutierrez refused to serve Amber Lynn Gilles because she was not wearing a mask.
  • His supporters started a GoFundMe campaign, which accummulated $100,000 as “tip” for him.
  • Gilles said she deserved to get at least half of the cash because her name and face was being used.

By now, most of us have heard the viral story about the Starbucks barista who was harshly treated by a customer because of his refusal to serve her unless she wears a mask. The responsible server got the support and sympathy of the public and ended up getting a whopping $100,000 as tips via a GoFundMe campaign.

You probably think the woman who complained, who has since been dubbed as “The Starbucks Karen,” will smartly stay quiet considering how the public turned against her because of how because of her behavior while at the Starbucks store in San Diego, California.

Gutierrez was just doing his job and following store policies.
But no. Amber Lynn Gilles thinks she deserved to get half of the $100,000 tips that Gutierrez got because “they’re using me to get it.”

She told The New York Times that Gutierrez and his supporters were “using my name, they’re using my face, and they’re slandering me.”

Gutierrez, who is working at Starbucks to support his dream of becoming a dance teacher, declined to serve Gilles because she didn’t have a mask on. Gilles told him that she doesn’t need a mask. When Gutierrez stood his ground, Gilles started cursing at the store and called people who wear masks “sheep.”

She walked out of the place but came back a few minutes later to ask for the barista’s name. She took a photo of him and then told him she will report the incident to Starbuck’s corporate offices.

Gilles made a post on Facebook about the incident. With Gutierrez’ photo, she wrote: “Meet lenen from Starbucks who refused to serve me cause I’m not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption.”

Her post got more than 100,000 likes but the reactions in favor of the barista was much powerful. Those who supported Gutierrez started a GoFundMe account to allow people to “tip” him. The organizer of the campaign never imagined the “tip” will reach $100,000.

The barista was grateful for the support that people gave him and said that he plans to donate some of the cash to charities in his community.

As for Gilles, her post has since been deleted and is now insisting that she “never threatened him” and that she’s getting lots of death threats.

And yes, she says she deserves at least half of Gutierrez’ money, too.

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