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7 Things Baristas Won’t Tell You





Coffee lovers tend to be quite loyal to their favorite coffee shops. Although they would try other chains, especially when they’re in a different city or country, they would always go back to the one that they’re used to.

With that said, coffee lovers would argue that they know everything about their favorite coffee shop. However, there are things that baristas won’t tell you.

1. A bigger cup does not necessarily mean you’ll get more coffee

If you’re aiming to get more caffeine into your system, you don’t actually need a bigger cup. The only difference between a Starbucks’ Venti (20 oz) and Grande (16 oz) is that the Venti one has more milk in it.

2. Vegan cakes and cookies are not always healthy

We’re always blinded by the word “vegan” as we always equate it to being the healthier option. The truth is that these vegan sweets contain a lot of white sugar.

3. Baristas go to school for their profession.

You might think that anyone could make coffee. While that could be true, not everyone can make a great cup of coffee. So for two weeks, Starbucks sends their baristas to a barista school to study everything about coffee.

4. Latte art is not just for decoration.

The quality of your drink can be based on the foam artwork of your latte. If it holds a design, it means the foam was done well.

5. A non-fat, extra-foamy cappuccino is impossible.

It’s impossible for non-fat milk to make good foam.

6. Sometimes, owners buy cheap coffee and sell it at a much higher cost.

Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean that it’s expensive and made by a well-known brand. Some of your favorite cup of coffees came from unknown shops, and you didn’t even know about it.

7. Don’t get offended when your name is spelled wrong

With all the loud noises inside the shop, from multiple frappe machines to customers chitchatting, it’s quite hard to hear your name fully. A little understanding is very much appreciated.

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