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6 Smart Ways To Reuse Tea Bags Instead Of Throwing Them Away

Don’t throw away your used tea bags. Reuse them and save money instead!






Just like everyone else, you probably throw away your tea bag once you’ve finished steeping or drinking your tea. It only makes sense; since you’re already done using the tea bag, it should go straight in the trash bin, right? Wrong.

If you are a tea lover, then you will certainly be surprised to know that you can actually reuse your tea bags. Here are six smart ways to reuse tea bags instead of throwing them away.

1. Neutralize Household Odors

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Tea bags can help you get rid of house odors. Just sprinkle tea in your litter, traschcan, and other areas. I will absorb the odor and will leave your house smelling fresh and clean all day.

2. Healthier Plants

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Tea bags help provide nutrients to the soil if you place them in the bottom of your flower pots. They can also help retain water, making your plants hydrated for a longer period of time.

3. Keep Bugs And Rodents Away

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Your old tea bags can also be used for keeping bugs and rodents away – just place them in your pantry and inside your cupboards and other problem areas, and you are good to go!

4. Soothe Irritated Skin

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Tea bags can help cool sunburns and reduce inflammation. They can also help your bruises to heal quickly.

5. Revitalize dry, damaged hair

If you’re sick of trying every product under the sun to make your hair silky and lustrous as we see on TV, why not go for something more natural?

6. Use as a Homemade Dye

Tea bags have creative uses. You can steep old tea bags and use them to dye homemade crafts, wrapping paper, cards, cloth, and more.

Also, you can turn your old tea bags into a non-toxic hair dye that are safe enough to be used for kids.

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