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5 Habits Of People Who Are Emotionally Stable





One of the disappointing things in our society is how it perceives the emotionally stable people as apathetic and cold-hearted. When people hear the term “emotionally stable,” the first things that enter their mind are stoicism, apathy, and emotionlessness which are just plain wrong. Being emotionally stable is a lot more complex and it is virtually nothing like that.

Being emotionally stable is about resilience. It’s how you control your emotions and your ability to recover from various hurdles of life. If you want to know if you’re emotionally stable, here’s a list of habits you can consult.

1. Risk taker

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One of the most defining traits of mentally stable people is their fearlessness when it comes to challenges and risks. They often treat these things as new experiences and they face them thinking that they are new opportunities that could potentially yield them some benefits.

The author Amy Morin explained it best:

Mentally strong people view adversity as an opportunity to grow stronger. With each obstacle they overcome, they gain confidence in their ability to become better.

Those are words to live by. Try practicing it by challenging your comfort zones and you’d be surprised.

2. Accountability of their actions

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One of the despicable traits of emotionally unstable people is their habit of blaming others whenever something goes wrong. Opposite to that, another defining trait of the emotionally stable people is their tendency to take full accountability of all the comings and goings in their lives.

Mentally strong people also have the habit of complaining less. This is because they believe that they would rather find a solution for the problem and complaining would do nothing but worsen the mood.

3. Openness about feelings

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Contrary to the popular belief, emotionally stable people are often very expressive about their feelings and their needs. They believe that their feelings and needs are just as important as other people’s emotions.

In order to be good about this, practicing your communication skills is the key. You can try it first with your loved ones in order to be more comfortable.

4. Setting boundaries

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One of the most disappointing things about our modern society is its tendency to frown upon refusals and rejections. The latest trends even made it worse by creating the whole concept of FOMO and YOLO.

However, emotionally stable people can easily refuse whenever they want to due to their personal boundaries and self-control. They are not afraid to disappoint others due to the fact that they care about themselves. This part of their personality is often mistaken as being selfish. But the truth is, it’s just them taking care of their well-being and sense of maturity.

5. Optimism and looking forward to better future

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Emotionally stable people are fond of looking forward and disregarding the past. They may look into the past from time to time, but they often do it in order to learn from their mistakes which then help them develop in a more nuanced and practically better person.

According to Morin, emotionally stable people have a habit of forgoing gratification because they’d rather plan for their long-term goals. They are also fond of seeing the obstacles as challenges that can help them achieve success.

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