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A Handful Of Tips For A Better And Happier Life

Sadness is overrated. Try being happy for a change.


As we all know it, happiness is not something you can easily obtain. Being lonely is easy, that’s why many people end up being sad. Happiness takes an effort to achieve. Simply put, pursuing happiness requires hard work.

It goes without saying that everybody wants to be happy. So, in order to help you out, check out this list of a few exercises you can embed in your lifestyle in order to achieve happiness.

1. Keeping a journal of positivity

Source: Pixabay

It sounds simple, but it’s very effective. The idea is basically writing a journal in order to keep track of what happened to you that day.

So, how does it lead to a happy life? Simple – every time you make a new journal entry, you write down three to five things that made you happy and/or grateful that day. Keeping track of the positive things would allow you to appreciate your life even more.

2. Expanding your emotional vocabulary

Source: Pixabay

As the wise philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said:

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

One of the most complex things in this world is the human emotion. Believe it or not, our emotional states span for a whole spectrum, and we all experience them 24/7.
In order to stay emotionally stable and healthy, ideally, we should expand the vocabulary of our emotions. In the practice of therapy, we are actually encouraged to put our feelings into words in order to keep track of them and make us more aware.

3. Talking to yourself in a positive way.

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Talking to ourselves negatively can be devastating. At first, you convince yourself about a certain bad thing about you, and then, the next thing you know, you already believe it to be true.

Instead of showering yourself with negativity, try talking to yourself in a positive way. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure. Don’t worry; it will get easier by the day. Just like they always say – fake it till you make it.

4. There’s no such thing as failure, only a lesson.

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As a follow up on positive thinking, one of the most important things you have to learn is accepting a negative feedback. When doing your best to evolve, it is inevitable that you’d receive harsh words from the critics. Don’t let them distract you. Build your confidence, soldier out, and accept the harsh criticisms as if you’re eating them for breakfast.

Once you learn to accept their negative feedback, you’ll be able to paint them in a positive light and make them work in your favor through the lessons you can learn from them.

5. Learning to listen to your own voice.

Source: Pixabay

Normally, people never trust themselves. After all, you’ve seen yourself fail countless of times during your whole lifetime. How can you learn to trust such person, right?

One of the hardest things you’d have to learn is to stop being overly critical of yourself. According to the study published in Personality and Individual Differences, self-compassion could go a very long way in life. Learn your self-worth, motivate yourself, and listen to your own voice every once in a while. You never know, maybe the advice you’ve been ignoring for the longest time might actually be holding the key to your success.

6. Learn to refuse yourself when necessary.

Source: Pixabay

Self-control is one of the most challenging things to master in life. It is so difficult that majority of people reach the old age without even learning to control themselves.

Learning to say no to yourself is extremely beneficial to achieving success. Being more disciplined is one of the key factors in leading a healthier and happier life. Everybody knows it’s hard. Nobody said that it’s easy in the first place. But with practice, you can learn to deal with the temptations in order to make way for your priorities.


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