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This Baby Learns the Baby Sign Language at 3 Months Old! Whoa…





Babies are undeniably adorable. They have these cute antics that are sure to make you fall for their charms immediately. Their cooing, smiling, and giggling just make them more lovable.

However, not very often do we encounter babies with advanced skills. Of course, I’m not talking about weird skills like acrobatics or walking on a thin wire. I’m talking about baby skills, like baby sign language.

Baby sign language involves teaching babies to use signs when they want to communicate something simple like “eat” or “sleep.” For example, a mother can teach her baby the sign for language milk, mom, up, or down. Babies typically learn the sign language when they reach six months old. But that’s not the case for Malynn, a three-month-old baby.

In the following video, you will see how her mother teaches Malynn the sign for “up” by clasping her little hands together. Her mom is not expecting any response as Malynn is three months short of the developmental milestone. So just imagine how awe-struck her mother must have been when Malynn signed “up” a mere four days later.

Watch the video below:

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Now that is one smart baby!

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H/T: LaRueffer via Little Things

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