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20 Design Epic Fails That Spell Disaster

Not quite sure what they were thinking.






There are two kinds of designers in the world – those who are wonderfully adroit in their craft and those who are, unfortunately, on the other side of the spectrum, creating pieces that are just plain evil, and (sorry we have to say it) dumb. Now, some of these designers may not have intended their work to end up as such, but still, some form of foresight would have been nice and well, useful.

Sure, some designs are only for aesthetics, but there are those that can end up harming people. Not quite sure with what we mean and how “disastrous” things can be? Then check out the photos below and let’s see what you think of them. From a bike lane placed on a canal ledge to an electric socket near a faucet – these arrangements can only be described as a recipe for disaster.

1. This carpet chosen by Satan

Source: GolfBravo
2. This camouflage

3. This evil prank

Source: rburn
4. This space for cyslists

5. This inviting seat

6. This happy place

7. This mixed up toilet

8. This dangerous place

9. This bike lane of death

10. This merry-go-round to hell

11. This extreme sports for the disabled

12. This path for the “partially” disabled

13. This building meant for suicide

14. This path of doom

15. This brilliantly designed bike lane

Source: reddit
16. This magnificent balcony design

17. This perfectly placed post

Source: imgur
18. This water-spewing socket

19. This conspicuous traffic light

20. This design from a design school

Well, those designers sure were thinking too out of the box. We can only hope that nobody was harmed by these ridiculous designs!

What do you think of these “masterpieces?” Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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