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Manila-Based Architects Design Floating Homes That Can Withstand Storms and Floods




  • Dada Design, an architectural firm from Manila, Philippines, has designed floating homes that aim to withstand calamities.
  • “Currents for Currents” is perfect for coastal communities that often suffer as a result of natural disasters.

With increasing frequency and force of natural disasters across the world, brilliant minds from across the world are coming up with possible solutions . Case in point, architects from Manila have come up with a home design that aims to withstand typhoon and flooding.

Conceptualized by Philippine-based firm Dada Design, ‘Currents for Currents’ shows us a community of floating homes “capable of adapting to changing ocean condition,” according to a Departures feature.

Dada Design’s ‘Currents for Currents’ is highly ideal for flood-prone areas.

According to the company:

“Coastal communities are caught in the cross fire between the scarcity of land and resources, and the rising tides and storm surges brought about by the sea.”

So the group took it upon themselves to think of a viable solution and drew inspiration from ship hulls and sails. As we can all see in the images, massive flooding will never be a problem. These houses “rise and fall with the tides,” wrote Departures.

A self-sufficient community like no other.

Furthermore, the homes utilize tidal and solar power. This ensures residents that they won’t be badly affected in the unfortunate event that a calamity damages the utilities.

The same system also allows the residents to make a living because they can actually “sell electricity” to neighboring areas.

Another impressive feature is that the homes have their own hydroponic vegetable gardens residents can use to grow their own food.

Plus the houses are made of plastic!

The architectural firm also added that the floating houses frames are made using molded plastic. This means the modular pieces can be easily shipped and assembled anywhere in the world.

Watch the video:

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