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Stunning Building in Thailand is Made Entirely of Bamboo, Can Withstand Earthquakes and Has Zero-Carbon Footprint

Absolutely no steel reinforcements.

  • The open-air stucture features a series of arches and round roofs shaped like petals.
  • The sports facility can fit around 300 students and can be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and stage performances.
  • The bamboo used are as natural as can be and devoid of toxic chemical treatment.

The sports hall at Panyaden International School is definitely a thing of beauty. The eco-friendly structure is made totally of bamboo, which gives a naturally cool and fresher environment.

The Bamboo Sports Hall boasts of an organic design inspired by the lotus flower. The design enables the building to produce zero-carbon footprint and withstand earthquakes and fast winds.

The building, which was completed in 2017, is designed according to the school’s Buddhist values in its study curriculum.
Spanning 782 square meters, the building features several arches and round roofs shaped like petals.
The roofs are lifted up at the edges, which allows natural air and light to come into the building.
The sports facility can hold 300 students and can be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and stage performances.

There is also a storage room and viewing balconies that flank the stage and sporting area.

According to the architects of Chiangmai Life Construction, Panyaden’s Sports Hall has zero carbon footprint. The bamboo utilized for the structure absorbed carbon to a much higher degree compared to the carbon emitted during the treatment, transport and construction phases of the building.

The building has a soothing indoor climate all-year-round, thanks to the large openings meant for natural insulation and ventilation.

The bamboo used are as natural as can be and devoid of toxic chemical treatment.

The architects also added that in the design and construction of the structure, it shows how bamboo can create a space that is 15 meters wide and high without using steel reinforcements. Looking at the building from the outside, it gives the impression that it looks like it has grown there. It also looks like it transformed from one of the lush hills in the background.

They emphasized that the Panyaden International School Sports Hall “is a combination of careful artistic design, beautiful detailed handicraft and major construction.”


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