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14 Photos Captured By Hunters That Will Give You the Creeps!





Several people have shared stories about their own strange and creepy encounters with paranormal entities. Some have even captured the ghostly images on camera by accident. One that really shook me and sent shivers down my spine was the living room scene in the movie “Three Men and a Baby,” where an image that looks like a boy in jersey shirt and jeans appeared in the curtains when the camera panned. The real owners of the house gasped when they saw the figure, as the it looked very much like their deceased son. It’s scary, right?

However, technological advancements have made it easier for people to create any kind of illusion that they want. With a rich imagination and one great application, a person can do wonders! This makes it harder for some people to detect whether a freaky photograph is fake or real, unless you’re an expert.

Now try to take a look at the images below. These photos were captured by motion-activated trail cameras in the woods by 14 hunters. Judge for yourselves whether these photos are real or fabricated.

#14. Demon chase?


Photo credit: Morning Moss
#13. An old lady in a nightgown.


Photo credit: Morning Moss
#12. Could it be just the same old lady?


Photo credit: Outdoor Life
#11. A doll or a ghost?

a doll-or-a-ghost

Photo credit: Outdoor Life
#10. What is she doing there?


Photo credit: Morning Moss
#9. The Louisiana swamp monster?


Photo credit: Morning Moss
8. What is it with children?

ghost-child-or lost-child

Photo credit: Outdoor Life
#7. What are they doing?


Photo credit: Morning Moss
#6. Now there’s just one…


Photo credit: Imgur
#5. Bigfoot or just a gorilla?


Photo credit: Bushnell/Morning Moss
#4. Honestly?


Photo credit: Imgur
3. UFO or bad camera exposure?


Photo credit: Imgur
#2. This was allegedly taken a few seconds after the photograph above.


Photo credit: Imgur
#1. Hopefully, this is just a bat.


Photo credit: Imgur

I hope these photos are just a product of somebody’s overactive imagination. How about you? What do you think about these pictures?

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