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13 Mysterious Monuments That Are Totally Out Of This World

It’s always baffling to think how these ancient structures have been built in the first place.

Kat Lozada





We gotta admit that our ancestors have built some really amazing structures that just by looking at them now, you would be scratching your head in wonder as to how they were able to make something impossible look possible. These buildings have been around for thousands of years and yet they still exist up to now for us to appreciate and learn from.

Experts have come up with tons of theories ranging from sane to the crazy just to be able to come up with an answer for the questions that go with each structure. Looking at the photos below, you’d be agreeing with us that they are peculiarly astonishing.

#1. Stonehenge, England

Source: Freesally

Legend has it that it was Merlin the magician who built Stonehenge. This historical monument however came way ahead of King Arthur. Why is it mysterious? Because it remains unanswered how people were able to transport the huge and heavy boulders and what their actual purpose is for.

#2. Baalbek, Lebanon

Source: Anton Ivanov

The temple’s architectural structure is one to behold. It is majestic and truly a beauty during its time. It remains puzzling how the Romans were able to put together the stone blocks that happen to weigh up to 1000 tons. Only giants would have been able to carry those blocks.

#3. Newgrange, Ireland

Source: Unaphoto

The Newgrange excavation showed a huge barrow that was perfectly round. A barrow is a mound of earth that is placed over a tomb. This monument is said to be older than the Pyramids of Egypt and has an impressive diameter. In the middle of Newgrange is a tomb and during solstice, the ray of light fills up the entire room. Superstitions say that the structure is an entrance to the world of fairies and elves.

#4. Dolmens of North Caucasus, Russia

A dolmen is a megalithic tomb or house made of flat stones that are laid upright on each other. These ones are located in the mountains of Russia. Holes are located on the façade and can be closed by a stopper. The stones weigh tons and yet they fit perfectly that no knife blade can fit between the stones. These are said to be around 5,000 years old.

#5. Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal is an ancient Mayan city hidden in the rainforests of Guatemala. It is said to be the largest Mayan settlement ever known to man. The Tikal community has artificial ponds, palaces and even a spacious field for games. The center of attention though would be the pyramids which were built according to their period of development.

#6. Bolshoi Zayatsky Island’s stone labyrinths, Russia

A spiral shaped labyrinth is the main feature of Solovetsky Island in Russia. This stone-laced maze is also known as ‘Babylons’ to the locals. The entrance and exit are one and the same so getting lost will not be a problem. Some say that the purpose of the stone labyrinths was used as fish traps but some say they are meant to be used as spirit rituals.

#7. Petra, Jordan

Nestled 900 meters above sea level of Siq Canyon is the masterpiece of Petra. How the carvers worked in order to finish this work of art is a mystery to researchers. Some say Petra is a temple while others believe it to be a mausoleum.

#8. Stone spheres of Costa Rica

These prehistoric spheres were said to have gold inside of them so some of the people who have discovered these stone balls blew them up thinking they would get rich. Unfortunately, it wasn’t true. To this day, no one knows when these artifacts were created and why they were even built in the first place.

#9. Terracotta Army, China

The Qin Shi Huang mausoleum has over 8,000 of these terracotta soldiers. It is said that no two faces are exactly the same. The life-sized soldiers date back to 200 BC and archaeologists had to be careful during excavation since it was believed that rivers of mercury had accompanied the governor during his afterlife.

#10. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Source: lastdjedai

This is made up of 200 temples but mysteriously, a tourist will only see three when approached from any side. The stones used to create the temples are amazingly smooth and are kept together because of its weight. You have to visit it to appreciate its beauty.

#11. Timbuktu, Mali

Source: Atilla JANDI

The mosques made entirely out of mud happen to be the highlight of Timbuktu. There are several urban legends about Timbuktu but one stands out from the rest. It was said that the city came into existence because of an old man named Buktu. Together with a group of warriors, they fought the African ElDorado until they were rescued by Rene Caillie and they started the mud mosques.

#12. Easter Island Statues, Chile

Somewhere very near the Pacific Ocean is an island covered with huge statues or moai. According to research, there is evidence that these gigantic moai have been moved from destination to destination until it ended up in Easter Island. Unfortunately, the only people who could have given us answers to these statues are already dead. Experts say that by looking directly at the moai, one will get the answer to the question.

#13. Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

The Great Sphinx in the middle of the desert has got to be the biggest mystery in history. For starters, how did this structure come to being and what was the purpose for it being built? Apart from the structure itself, it seems like there are more rooms underneath. Up to this day, any form of study of the Sphynx leads to accidents, sickness or even restrictions from authorities.

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