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Days After The Suez Canal Ship Incident, An Evergreen Truck Blocks Motorway In China




  • An Evergreen truck has captured everyone’s attention online after its photos made rounds on social media.
  • Apparently, the container vehicle crashed in the middle of the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway in China, causing a huge traffic jam.
  • Many netizens couldn’t help but compare the incident to the Evergreen ship currently stuck in the Suez Canal.

We’ve all heard about the Evergreen ship stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal after it made headlines days ago. Now we’re seeing another incident involving the same company as an Evergreen container truck has caused a massive traffic jam in the middle of a Chinese motorway.

According to reports, this recently happened in Nanjing, China’s Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway. Apparently, the container truck crashed in the middle of a busy road, leading to a major gridlock in the area after several lanes were blocked.

Photos of the incident eventually went viral on social media, and numerous netizens couldn’t help but point out the ironic similarity between the two Evergreen-related reports. Others even said the truck incident feels like a deja-vu.

Naturally, many also couldn’t resist the urge to make fun of the situation, with some making memes about it.

Over at Reddit, one netizen mocked “Ever Stuck” and then someone commented “”No publicity is bad publicity!” -Evergreen Marketing Team.”

Meanwhile, another clarified that the ship is actually “not owned by Evergreen” but by Japanese owners “but chartered to run by Evergreen with Evergreen crew and painted in its colors.”

Someone likewise pointed out:

“Just in case you didn’t know. The pilot was Suez canal’s own pilot, and the driver was a Chinese logistic company’s driver. Evergreen basically got the worst publicity any company could get by doing absolutely nothing this week.”

Meanwhile, you can watch this video report to learn more about the Suez Canal blockage dilemma:

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