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Egypt Tells Elon Musk, Aliens Didn’t Build The Pyramids, Come See For Yourself




  • Elon Musk , SpaceX and Tesla owner and multi-billionaire, recently tweeted that the Egyptian pyramids are built by aliens.
  • The tweet earned strong reactions from the Egyptian Minister Rania Al Mashat and several other netizens.
  • Conceding to the responses he received, Musk acknowledged Egyptian history about the building of the pyramids.

From time to time, SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk breaks the internet with his random posts on Twitter. With around 37.4 million followers, his tweets really go viral sometimes.

Who would forget his steamy flirty exchange with the planet Mars last year? And well early on this week, he made waves again by tweeting that the Egyptian pyramids are obviously built by aliens! Well it is one of the well-known internet conspiracies which easily attracted 500,000 likes.

Of course, a lot of people wanted to set the record straight and correct Mr. Elon Musk. One of which is Egypt’s Minister for International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat.

She even went as far as to invite Musk to Egypt and see for himself the history records about the building of the pyramids. Plus, there’s also an offer for a bonus side trip to see the tombs of ancient pyramid builders.

Egyptologist Sarah Parcak, on the other hand, left a scathing comment that the hieroglyphs in papyri are like “live tweets” of the building process. She also said she’d be “happy to share sources” to the tech magnate so he can get himself “educated”.

Still, others wanted to prove their point by posting videos of how probably ancient Egyptians managed to do it using the tools of the time.

Check out the video from this tweet by World of Engineering:

Indeed, it is impressive how a massive slab of rock is cut straight using that technique!

And of course, the SpaceX CEO eventually ended up admitting his mistake after all the outrage.

He later tweeted:

Well all’s fair ends fair in a Twitter roast. To be fair, the Great Pyramids of Egypt won’t be named one of the seven wonders of the world if it really isn’t an astounding and mind-blowing remnant of the ancient civilization that got us scratching our heads even at our present time.

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