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Mark Zuckerberg Quits Job at Facebook!





Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind the massive Facebook, just quits his job as CEO.

You think it’s unbelievable?

Well, think again.

I have evidence. Check this link yourself.

See? I told you so.

But if you’re one of those skeptics who thinks that what you just saw is an illusion, then you’re right.

Okay, okay, I admit it.


What you just saw is the result of a minor bug in the website that allows anyone to alter the life event of any user who posts his or her work status on Facebook. The bug, however, is not considered a technical flaw.

Sachin Thakuri, the guy who discovered the bug, manipulated the life event by taking the original URL of Mark Zuckerberg’s life event.

He then removed the ustart=1 parameter, leaving:

You can see that the above-mentioned links display the same story but with different captions – one says Left Job while the other one says, Started Working. 

Although this bug does not present any serious threat to the user’s privacy, it may still be used by some people with malicious intent to trick others into believing that they have quit their job. As of writing, Thakuri has reported the bug to the Facebook security team, so let’s expect this little bug to be swatted soon.

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H/T: The Hacker News

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