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Mark Zuckerberg Quits Job at Facebook!

You just wouldn’t believe this!


Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind the massive Facebook, just quits his job as CEO.

You think it’s unbelievable?

Well, think again.

I have evidence. Check this link yourself.

See? I told you so.

But if you’re one of those skeptics who thinks that what you just saw is an illusion, then you’re right.

Okay, okay, I admit it.


What you just saw is the result of a minor bug in the website that allows anyone to alter the life event of any user who posts his or her work status on Facebook. The bug, however, is not considered a technical flaw.

Sachin Thakuri, the guy who discovered the bug, manipulated the life event by taking the original URL of Mark Zuckerberg’s life event.

He then removed the ustart=1 parameter, leaving:

You can see that the above-mentioned links display the same story but with different captions – one says Left Job while the other one says, Started Working. 

Although this bug does not present any serious threat to the user’s privacy, it may still be used by some people with malicious intent to trick others into believing that they have quit their job. As of writing, Thakuri has reported the bug to the Facebook security team, so let’s expect this little bug to be swatted soon.

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H/T: The Hacker News


Vegas Suffered a Huge Blow Because of Ronda Rousey Loss

Team Holly won big time.

Before the Rousey-Holm fight, odds at Vegas were overwhelmingly at Ronda's side - the opening odds have tapped her a -1250 (12.5-to-1) favorite over +825 (8.25-to-1) underdog Holm. The upset victory of Holly Holm made Vegas pay big instead.

A fair amount of people shifted their bets towards Holly when they saw the ruckus that happened between her and Ronda at the weigh-ins. Still, a lot of people bet on Rowdy even though they had to wager around $900 in order to win $100. As a way to spice up the odds a bit, they included Rowdy winning with other bets especially since just a handful of people were betting for Holly.

The kick that hurt Ronda and Vegas.


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Architect to Build 36-Storey Tower Covered in Evergreen Trees

…the first green building of its kind in the world!

A 384-feet tall structure covered in evergreen trees will soon rise up in Switzerland, courtesy of an Italian architect looking to construct the world's first truly green building.

Stefano Boeri, an architect and urban planner, who is making it his life's work to bring biodiversity and sustainable architecture to the world, will soon be building “La Tour des Cedres,” or The Tower of Cedars in Lausanne, Switzerland...

..a 36-storey apartment that will be home to thousands of plants, shrubs and trees

1119 green building 1

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ISIS Hostage Survivor Reveals ISIS Fear Our Unity More Than Airstrikes

“They fear our unity, more than air strikes.”

"They fear our unity more than air strikes."

This was what Nicolas Hénin wrote in an article published in The Guardian; he pertained to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Hénin is a French journalist and had survived after being held captive by ISIS for ten months. He met a few of the people behind the group, including a man named Mohammed Emwazi: Jihadi John who nicknamed him "Baldy." He states that much of how we perceive ISIS results from the image that they wish to portray in public, but behind that lies a group of "pathetic street kids drunk on ideology and power."

In his article, Hénin recounted how the jailers would play mock executions to make fun of the captives.

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