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Guy Never Wears Modern Fashion – Just Clothes From The 1820s!




  • Since he was 14, Zack Pinsent has rejected modern fashion trends and preferred 1820s clothing.
  • Now 25 years old, Zack still stands out from the crowd by rocking vintage fashion.

Some people can be a bit more adventurous and unique than others when it comes to fashion. And no, I’m not even talking about your favorite Hollywood celebrities!

I’m talking about this 25-year-old man from Hove, East Sussex who has decided to shun modern trends and don nothing but clothing from the 1820s. According to him, his distinctive fashion choice makes him happy and proud.

Not a fan of modern fashion! Zack Pinsent prefers 1820s clothing.

It all started when Zack found his great-grandfather’s suits in a box. Although he was merely 14 years old at the time, Zack quickly fell in love with them and embraced them as his own thing.

Now he’s looking so regal, wearing them on a daily basis.

When he was 14, he burned his sole pair of jeans as a ‘symbolic decision’ to fully embrace 1820s fashion.

Since then, he would rock three-piece suits during days when not wearing school uniforms were allowed. “When I got to sixth form,” he continued, “I started to dress in historical clothing every single day.”

This eventually helped him gain quite a reputation among his peers, which led to him being voted as best dressed.

Zack shared:

“People weren’t necessarily saying it to my face but it was clear that there was an undercurrent of respect.”

The young man sews his own clothes, and some outfits require up to a year to finish.

So yes, while the rest of us are wearing shirts and jeans, Zack rocks his vintage-style coats, knee-high boots, and top hats on ordinary days. He even brings a cane with him just to complete his look.

Of course, people couldn’t help but stare at our fine gentleman.
And somehow, he’s gotten used to all the attention.

Generally speaking, people are often “inquisitive and appreciative” about his outfits , he said.

Moreover, his extraordinary fashion also attracts a lot of female admirers.

In fact, Zack admitted that he has “received many marriage proposals” which is just a proof that “women want a gentleman” who understand fashion.

You can check out Zack Pinsent over at Instagram in case you want to stay updated with his fashion creations.

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